The Best 10 Natural Treatments For Sciatic Pain


The longest nerve in the body is called sciatic nerve. When the nerve gets affected, the sciatic pain starts as sharp, numb pain in the back going all the way through the leg to the foot. Sometimes even the slightest move can cause pressure and unpleasant twinge.

Statistics say that 1 in 3 people in the world will suffer from sciatic pain in some point in life. Since they are similar, symptoms of sciatic pain are often mistaken for lower back pain or leg cramps. The pain is different in everyone. It goes from mild ache and numbness to sharp and very painful feeling, which affects one side of the body.

Ibuprofen and other strong painkiller can help you relieve the pain, but they are not a long-term solution for this problem, plus they can cause some side effects. Here we will present you the top 10 natural solutions and treatments for eliminating the inflammation and relieving the pain caused by sciatica.

  1. Chiropractor:

One of the most popular forms of alternative medicine, even though there is no scientific evidence to confirm how this improves the state of sciatica. People claim that they`ve felt much better after a few sessions. It reduces inflammation and stress and improves flexibility and mobility.

  1. Acupuncture: Unlike chiropractic, this form of alternative medicine uses needles to stab certain point of the body. This is believed to increase energy flow, improve the function of the nerves, eliminating the sciatic pain. A few sessions can give positive results.
  2. Ice packs: Applying ice packs on the affected area can quickly relieve the pain. Let the ice pack act for 20 minutes, then rest for 2 hours, and repeat the procedure, until the pain is gone.
  3. Massage: An ancient technique for relaxation. Proper massage with essential oil and aromatic candles can relax the muscles, improve blood flow and remove the tension, which will relieve the pain.
  4. Yoga: You need mild yoga stretches to relieve the sciatic pain. You don`t have to rest all the time if you are suffering from sciatica, limited physical activity can increase mobility and flexibility, which helps with the pain.
  5. Diaphragmatic breathing: Another useful technique when it comes to relieving sciatic pain. It provides complete breathing, increasing the energy levels in our organism. The proper amounts of oxygen to every cell in the body will improve the function of all the body parts.
  6. Oils and herbs: Essential oils can be very useful for massage, but also in the form of teas, capsules of supplements. If you are taking them orally, you need to consult your doctor first about the possible side effects, due to the combination with some of your meds. These herbs are great for treating nerve pain and reducing inflammation: turmeric, willow, licorice, Jamaican dogwood, devil`s claw, arnica and lavender.
  7. Proper sleep: Lack of sleep can have short and long-term consequences on your health, while quality sleep can improve the immune system, increase concentration and increase energy levels. When you are rested, your nerves and muscles are relaxed. Take a short nap whenever you can.
  8. Alexander technique: This is a complete educational process, aimed to teach people how to keep a correct body posture, which can help you get rid of back and neck pain, migraine pain, as well as sciatic pain.
  9. Change temperatures:

Ice packs provide only a short-term effect because they affect only the first layers of inflammation, and the sciatic nerve is located deep inside the body, where the cold can`t penetrate. Switching temperatures can provide better effects. After the treatment with ice packs, take a hot bath. This will increase the blood flow, affecting the deeper layers of the inflammation. For even better results, add some herbs, essential oils or other natural ingredients with healing properties to your bath.

Most of these natural treatments for sciatic pain are not proven scientifically. There are only testimonies from people who claim that they managed to relieve the pain by using some of them. If done properly, these treatments can`t cause side effects, they can only have a positive impact on your condition.