Warning From Experts: Why You Should Never Post Photos Of Your Boarding Pass Online!


You have bought your airplane ticket and awaiting the date of your epic travel. You want everyone to know about your trip, so you post a photo of your boarding pass. But according to travel safety specialist Steve Hui, this may ruin your whole trip. Even your life!

Posting a photo of the boarding ticket is a bad idea

As a travel safety specialist, Hui sees hundreds of online photos of boarding passes every day. SO he decided to take one random photo and see what information he could get from the boarding pass.

First of all, we see the airline company. Most of them post a great amount of online information for every passenger.

If we know the passenger`s name and the booking reference number, we can log into the company`s website and access information like destination, seat number, time of arrival, frequent flyers details and checked in baggage.

If we dig a little deeper, we can also find the full payment details, like the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the transaction.

And that`s not all!

If you though that you`ll be safe if you only cover the numbers on the boarding pass, you are so wrong!

Hui says that this won`t be much help. Scammers have other ways of getting your flight and financial details. There are some websites which can analyze the barcode in an image.


One option is to blur the important info of the boarding pass. Still, the best thing is not posting the photo at all! At least, not before you return from the trip.

Andy O`Donnell is a security expert from “About.com”. He says that if you post a photo of the boarding pass before or while you are travelling, it`s very possible that you`ll find your home empty when you get back.

“Your post can be seen by some thief, trolling the social media, or the delinquent brother of your friend. They can put 2 and 2 together and they`ll know how long you won`t be home” explains O`Donnell. “They are going to realize that they have enough time to rob your house before you get back.”

He also warns that setting the post to “friends only” won`t guarantee your safety. Maybe some of your friends logged in their account on some public computer, without signing out, exposing the information to any stranger passing by.

The only way to have a safe and relaxed trip, without having to worry, is to the boarding pass and travel plans to yourself.