10 Early Signs Indicating You Might Be Pregnant, Don`t Ignore No.7


Pregnancy can cause all sorts of feelings in people, depending on the situation. In younger people, unexpected pregnancy can cause panic and fear; others are desperate to start a family of their own.

Or the reason is the inconsistent use of contraceptives.

One of the most used birth controls are condoms. An article with a title Contraceptive technology stated that “2 in every 100 couples using condoms all the time can get pregnant unintendedly.”

Another effective measure is birth control pills. According to Planned Parenthood, every year less than 1 in 100 women using birth control pills properly gets pregnant.

For some people the risk may be too high.

You`ll go shopping for pregnancy test if your condom broke, you forgot to take the pill, or neglected to use any protection. Pulling out is not safe sex, no matter how fast (you think) you are.

You period is missing

Mark on the calendar the dates of every period. Use the office desk calendar or some phone application. This is very important even if your periods are irregular.

This is the biggest sign you are pregnant, but you can have your period and still be pregnant. The menstrual cycle is affected by hormonal imbalance or some physical change, like diet, stress, smoking or exercising.

Implantation bleeding

This is some light bleeding that lasts for 6-12 days after the conception. When you see some pink spots on your underwear, you may mistakenly think it`s your period.

When fertilized eggs are headed to the uterus, they may cause some blood vessel damage, resulting in this type of bleeding.

Changes in digestive system

Morning sickness is very common in the first trimester, and certain discomforts like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and sensitivity to smell. You can`t be sure you`re pregnant only from these symptoms. Different bodies react in different ways. Take a test if you`re not sure.

Getting more tired

Not a regular laziness or tiredness, but extreme fatigue. In pregnant women, the body lacks sugar and the blood pressure is low. It produces more blood, plus some hormones like progesterone, so all of this combined causes extreme tiredness.

Too moody

It`s very normal to be moody during the pregnancy; one moment you are ecstatic about something, the next you`re a wreck. It`s because of the hormonal changes which affect the chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

Some women don`t have mood swings, other go to the extreme- extreme highs and extreme lows. But this will probably end in the period between 6-10 weeks.

More frequent peeing

This is another sign of pregnancy, which starts from the sixth week. It`s caused by hormonal changes, when blood flows faster, so that the bladder is filled more often. Also, the body is producing more blood than usual.

For some women this means busy, sleepless nights, as a preparation for when the baby comes.

Breast changes

Hormonal changes also cause the breasts to be sore and tender to the touch. Also they get a bit leveled up, like in the period before you get your period. This starts around 4-6 weeks, till the end of the pregnancy.

Other changes are breast growth, changes in pigment around the nipples and more visible veins, leaky breasts, or bumps on the areola.

Pregnancy test (or 2, or 5)

One pregnancy test can cost from 8-20 dollars, and they`ll tell you the same thing, no matter how much tests you take. Follow the instructions on the box: take the test in the morning, right after you wake up, and not too soon after you`ve noticed your period is missing – it`s better to wait at least 1 week cause it may show false reading. Wait for the results as long as the instructions say, not a second less, not matter how anxious you are.