These 5 Habits Are Bad For Your Thyroid


The American Thyroid Association states that over 12% of all Americans will develop some kind of thyroid disease in their lifetime, which can have pervasive effects like problems with the memory and metabolism, mood changes and disrupted sleep.

This does not mean that the thyroid issue should be a black cloud over your head, waiting to happen. In order to prevent it or manage the condition, you should make some lifestyle changes and plan your actions carefully.

Avoid these 5 habits, which are a threat to your thyroid, and they can also make the existing condition even worse.

1. Too much stress: The Behavior Brain Research journal has published a study stating that stress, combined with thyroid disease, can produce symptoms like memory impairment, which can last your whole life. Stress suppressed the work of the thyroid gland and hormone secretion, which is already working low due to the thyroid diseases. Reduce the stress levels if you are suffering from some kind of thyroid condition.

2. Smoking: A research from 1995 has discovered that smoking can make the thyroid problem even worse, due to the presence of cyanide in tobacco. Cyanide is a compound which prevents the gland from producing hormones which bond to their receptors. This can also damage the liver. So stop smoking. We know it`s easier said than done, but use some natural methods, as stevia leafs, to reduce the cravings.

3. Soy consumption: No one should eat soy, especially if you are suffering from some type of thyroid problem. Soy contains lots of compounds which have negative effects on the thyroid gland, like goitrogens which prevent the thyroid from producing hormones and metabolizing iodine. If you are on some thyroid treatment, soy can also inhibit its effectiveness.

4. Too much raw cruciferous vegetables: The Oregon State University has discovered that consumption of too much vegetables like cabbage or turnips can obstruct the normal functioning of the thyroid gland in people who lack iodine. These vegetables contain glucosinolates, which convert into goitron in our body. The goitron compound has negative effect on the hormone production and secretion.

You avoid the input from your doctor: Seeing your doctor takes time and it`s not always that pleasant. But if you are suffering from some type of thyroid issue, you must do regular check-ups because the condition can get worse and harm your health, if not treated properly and regularly. Also, you should consult with a registered dietician and naturopath to provide recommendations on personal basis.