The shape of your fingers can determine your personality. Read this article and chose which shape are your fingers: A, B or C.

Fingers shaped like the ones in the first image say the following about your personality:

  • You don `t like showing emotions, so that everyone can think you are cool and strong.
  • Still, you are very emotional, you are nice to the people you know and care about.
  • You care very much about your loved ones, but you can be cold to the people who are not close to.
  • You never quit, you will finish even the job you don`t like doing.
  • You have a big heart, so that`s why you like helping people in need.
  • You can`t tell a lie because you are very honest, and you also hate people who lie to you.
  • Hiding your feeling to appear strong often makes you sad.

Fingers shaped like the ones in the second image say the following about your personality:

  • You are a real dreamer, you dream of the ideal love, of someone who will love you for who you really are.
  • You are very loyal, when you love someone, you always put that person first.
  • If you think that something is right and decide to do it, you do it, no matter what!
  • You are very sensitive, still strong and independent.
  • The only fear you have is being hurt by the ones you love.

Fingers shaped like the ones in the third image say the following about your personality:

  • If something/ someone is making you very angry, you let it/them go.
  • You hate challenges and trying new things.
  • You keep your problems and feelings to yourself, you don`t like opening to other people.
  • You like the feeling when some depends on you and puts their trust in you.
  • You know exactly what you like and you hate pretending to like something you actually dislike.
  • Even though your ego likes been always right, you know how to accept and apologize for the things you are not right.
  • Your soft heart makes to forget people easily.
  • You are very emotional, so you can easily get touched.

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