Doctors Are Urging Parents Everywhere To Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth


Losing the first tooth is a sign that you are growing up, but it means that you`ll get some cash under the pillow the next morning from the Tooth Fairy.

The parent are usually the tooth fairies- they slip some money under their kid`s pillows, to celebrate the new stage in their lives. The Nordic culture considers baby teeth as good luck, and as it turns out, they really can bring good fortune, all thanks to modern medicine.

Most parents throw away the tooth after this, and some keep it for sentimental reasons. But it turns out that baby teeth can be quite important.

According to a study from 2003, baby teeth are a great source of stem cells, which can be used to grow multiple kinds of cells and repair damaged tissue, if needed, from heart cells to brain cells. If a child, in some point of their life, needs tissue replacement, the baby tooth can be used to grow this tissue with the help of the stem cells.

In theory, storing baby teeth can help people treat many different diseases and potentially save their lives.

In order to work, the baby tooth needs to be kept fresh because, in time, stem cells degrade and lose their power. So keeping the tooth in a box won`t do a thing.

The Store-A-Tooth service offers proper preservation methods for your child`s teeth. In order for the stem cells to remain usable, the teeth placed in liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault. So, if the child needs their stem cells, in any point in their adult life, the teeth are taken out of the vault and shipped to the doctor.

In a strange way, all cultures and their superstitions about the power of baby teeth were right, not knowingly.