The Main Cause Of Dark Eye Circles Is Not A Lack Of Sleep: It Is Something Completely Unexpected


Dark circles around the eyes make as look exhausted and tired, so people often think they are causes by lack of sleep. But you`ll be surprised by the real reason of the unpleasant dark eye circles. It is something completely unexpected. If we want to get rid of them , first we need to discover the real cause.

If you cry all night, it`s very normal to wake up with huge bangs under the eyes, even if you`ve slept for 8 straight hours afterwards. This is caused by osmosis. Water goes from the body parts with low concentration of salt to tissues with lots of salt. The process is the same whether it comes to salt from tears or some salty sauce. This means that tears and consuming salty food will cause swelling under the eyes the next morning, right where the skin is very thin.

Dark eye circles can also appear from bad habits like frequent rubbing of the eyes, smoking, alcohol abuse, going to bed with the makeup on, exposure to UV rays from the sun. All of this weakens the collagen, relaxes the skin and leads to wrinkles and dark under-eye circles.

Medications against dark circles from allergies

Allergy to pollen can cause swelling of the eyes. Try treating the problem with anti-allergic therapy or some non-sedating allergy meds. You can buy them in any pharmacy, without prescription.

Rinse your nose to remove the liquids

Liquids accumulated due to allergies, cold or sinus congestion can be removed with a neti pot, a small device which looks like a small teapot, used to rinse the nasal cavity with salty water.

Erase the dark eye circles with creams

To lighten up and reduce the dark circles around the eyes, use creams which contain hydroquinone, as well as creams with caffeine which has the ability to constrict the blood vessels.

Excess pigment in the eyes

The ophthalmologist plastic surgeon Joseph Eviatar is suggesting a simple test: pull the skin away- if the dark shadows turn into stains, it means that excess pigment in the eye is causing the problem. Loss of volume in the area around the eyes can be another cause of dark eye circles.