A New Secret To Weight Loss!


Thyroid function can be significant for losing weight, as well as intense sensory food experience- depending on the taste, smell and texture of the food, our body responds differently.

If you eat the same, boring food every day, your senses will crave something new, different and interesting. In the process of looking for the food you didn`t get, you will overeat by trying everything you find. For example, if you`re on a low-carb diet and you avoid sugar, it can happen that you`ll become so obsessed, that you won`t be able to calm the craving for sugar, and you`ll end up eating a whole chocolate.

Even though traditional medicine doesn`t take taste as something important, some researches have shown that taste is crucial to food, appetite,  metabolism and weight, and we don`t pay attention to it.

Taste receptors were discovered in our brain, intestines, airways, even in testes. The receptors for bitter have a very important part in our metabolism, thyroid and gut function, as well as body weight. So start including more bitter greens in your diet, if you want to get rid of the extra pounds and indigestion.

The body also seeks balance in food types. If you had proteins for breakfast, you`ll probably have a craving for something with carbs for lunch or dinner. Never deprive your body of carbs, the craving will grow and overwhelm you after a while.

Our body has a tendency for food balance because it`s crucial for human biology. Scientists confirm that sweetness is an inborn taste- even if a person never tries something sugary, it`s a taste that attracts him since birth.

What is the solution?

Try the whole spectrum of tastes there is during the day, with every meal. You don`t have to eat ice-cream for sweetness, you can have baby carrots, pears or sweet potatoes. Savor the bitterness of eggplants. Try the sourness of citrus fruits or green apple. Or the amazing taste of sea salt or Himalayan salt over your veggies or salad.

The stimulating scents and flavors will activate your nose, throat and mouth, boosting your metabolism and inducing the thyroid to work at its best. The digestive process starts from the moment you smell the food.

And don`t forget to add some sweetness to your diet, it doesn`t have to be refined sugar, you can replace it with natural sweeteners like raw honey or molasses, or consume sweet fruits like figs, raisins, prunes or dates. In countries like Nepal or Taiwan, different types of savors are present in every meal, like sweet sauces or pickled food, intentionally or unintentionally following the principles of alternative medicine.