Get White Underarms In 3 Minutes


Dark underarms are a cosmetic issue that many people suffer from. They can be the result of excessive sweating, shaving, accumulation or dead skin cells, antiperspirants and deodorant containing alcohol, or some creams for hair removal.

This problem gets more irritable in summer, when the underarms area is more visible. If you want to avoid chemical treatment for solving this problem, here are some natural tricks to whiten the dark underarm skin:

  • Lemon: Cut the lemon in half and rub the skin with it, leaving the lemon juice to act for ten minutes, then rinse it and apply moisturizer to prevent skin irritation.
  • Coconut oil: The coconut oil contains many different vitamins and minerals. Massage the underarm area with the oil for couple of minutes, then rinse it with soap and water. This treatment is very safe, repeat it until you get the wanted result.
  • Baking soda: Prepare a thick paste from the baking soda and some water, and use it as a shower scrub. This will whiten the skin and neutralize the underarm smell.
  • Vinegar: Make a thick paste using vinegar and flour, rub it on the darkened skin and leave it to dry, then wash with warm water and soap. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times a week.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes have bleaching properties. Cut a potato slice and put it under your arms, or use the juice from grated potatoes to apply on the darkened skin. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes, then rinse. You should repeat the procedure twice a day.

We should avoid the appearance of dark underarm skin in the first place. Here are some tips how:

  • Exfoliate the dead skin cells at least once a week
  • Replace the shaving cream with coconut oil, it will make the skin softer.
  • Shaving causes ingrown hairs that make the skin look darker. So wax the underarms instead, this way the whole hair will come out of the skin.
  • Use only natural deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Consult with your doctor- dark underarm skin can be a symptom of the Acanthosis Nigricans condition, which can cause hormonal imbalance, obesity, resistance to insulin and even cancer.