Scientists Have Recently Advised Women To Stop Wearing Bras, This Is Why.


Recently, some scientists have advised all women to stop wearing bras. According to them, wearing a bra from young age doesn`t prevent breast sagging, nor does it help chest support or reduce back pain. On the other hand, not wearing a bra gives more tone and support to breast tissue.

A sports scientist and professor at the Franche-Comte University, Jean-Denis Rouillon, did a 15-year research on the bra impact, including 330 female between the age of 18 and 35. The research discovered that the women who were not wearing bras had firmer and perkier breasts.

“During the research, the group of women that stopped wearing a bra (by own choice, not for the purposes of the study) had a lift in the nipples of 0.3 inches (7 mm) compared to the opposite group, that continued with wearing bras. The conclusion was that bras, in years of wearing them, can reduce bust tone and prevent flow”. Caliper and slide rule were used to record the changes to their busts during the years.

As the professor stated for France Info: “There is no medical, anatomical or physiological explanation or reason to deny gravity to breasts. It is the opposite- bras make them saggier.”

Other experts, like Dr.Stafford Broumand, have the same opinion: “If you are still in your youth, stop wearing a bra, this will elevate elasticity and production of collagen, and increase the lift in a bust that is still developing”.

On the other hand, many do not agree with this. Like Deborah Orr from the Guardian who wrote:

Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor of sports science at Besancon University, spent 15 years studying the anatomy of 330 women, and concluded that bras are “false necessity”. Well, he must be very smart, and all the women are probably stupid! How can he be an expert, when he doesn`t even have breasts? He states that “There is no medical, anatomical or physiological explanation or reason to deny gravity to breasts”. But women don`t wear bras for any of those reasons. We wear them for aesthetical, practical and psychological reasons. Bras prevent the breasts from wobbling about, if we don`t wear them we`ll have to cup them in our hands every time we broke in a trot to catch a lift. The professor also mentions that nipples rose by an average of 0.3 inches. What he can`t understand is that bras give us the comfort of not thinking about where the nipples are. Enough with making us worry about our breasts! We don`t need another fool to tell us what to do and think about them.

The #freethenipple campaign believes that all women are being restricted and have to deserve to bear the chests. If everybody sees nipples all the time, this can change the culture of blaming the victim (“for showing off her nipples”). It is not alright if breastfeeding in public is something shameful, but hot advertisements are something normal and expected.

In this video you will see a girl who decided to go “no-bra”!