What Does Your Ear Shape Reveal About You? One Shape Is That Of Smart Ones, Other Of Unique Individuals! Find Out Yours


Physiognomy has been a part of the Chinese culture for hundreds of years, and it claims that it can determine someone`s character by their facial features. Here we are focusing on the shape of the ears. Each different ear type and shape can discover a lot about someone`s character:

1. Small ear: These people are always busy with resolving some problems

2. Big ears: Intellectuals usually have big ears

3. Small earlobes: They usually avoid taking initiative. Not particularly responsible.

4. Big earlobes: Strong-willed individuals.

5. Thick ears: People who are rich in life experience.

6. Big and thick ears: Lazy people.

7. Pointy ears: It`s hard for these people to control their temper. At times they are deceitful, and usually not very generous.

8. Protruding ears: Original thinkers and intellectuals who hate routine. Not suited for office jobs, because they always like to be on the move.

9. Attached earlobes: These are the born leaders because they are skillful planners.

10. Wide middle area: Nervous and skeptic individuals.