Drink warm water with unrefined salt on an empty stomach for a week! The results will amaze you!


We all think that too much salt is bad for our health. The truth is that it`s not the salt itself, but the type of salt we use. Refined salt lacks the essential minerals which have health benefits, unlike unrefined salt which is great for detoxification and digestion.

Unrefined salt should be a part of our everyday diet, and we`ll present you the proper methods of using it. Water is the key ingredient when it comes to removing the toxins from the body, but on its own it can`t help much because it moves too quickly through the system. The unrefined salt will slow down the absorption of the water, which will improve digestion by stimulating the production of acids and enzymes responsible for breaking down the food.

Take a jar, fill 1/3 of it with unrefined alt and the rest with purified water, close the lid, shake the jar well and leave it for 24 hours. The next day, add more salt- if it`s not dissolving, the water is ready to be consumed. Store the jar with the salt water blend, called Sole, in a cupboard.

Consume the salt water for a whole week. Put half a teaspoon of the Sole blend in a glass of water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. This will cleanse and hydrate your body and improve digestion.

The video below will show you more information about the benefits of salt water.