This Is What Happens When You Sleep In A Cold Room!


Setting the thermostat low can be one of the best things for a good night`s sleep. Researchers have discovered that the ideal bedroom temperature is between 60° and 67° Fahrenheit.

How can a cold bedroom make you sleep like a baby? About an hour and a half before going to bed, the body starts cooling down, preparing itself for resting. But things like bacterial, fungi, toxins, drugs and alcohol, or other harmful things we are exposed to during the day, can make this process more difficult.

This is where lowering the bedroom temperature helps- it jump starts the natural cooling mechanism of the body. This has a very similar effect as the sleeping pills, just without the possible risks and side effects.

These are some of the many benefits of keeping the thermostat low, except for a good night`s sleep:

  1. Forever young: Lower body temperature stimulates the body to produce melatonin, which is one of the most important anti-aging hormones. It fights free radicals from damaging the cells, which ultimately causes wrinkles, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  2. Lower stress levels & Weight loss: Lower bedroom temperature improves the sleep, which results in balanced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Also, lower body temperature while we sleep can stimulate weight loss, especially if combined with regular exercising and balanced diet.
  3. Improved metabolism: A study published in the journal “Diabetes” states that sleeping in a room with lower temperature can decrease the risk of diabetes or other metabolic conditions. The metabolism is the mechanism which burns calories, so a strong and functioning metabolism can result in easier and faster weight loss.

In case you share the bedroom with a person who likes sleeping in warm, try sleeping naked. Sleeping in nude has many other benefits for your health.

Also, watch the video below for additional information regarding the ideal sleeping temperature.