THIS Is What’s Really In Canned Pumpkin Pie Filling! Disgusting!


Many people, instead of using fresh pumpkin, replace it with the canned one. If you are one of them, you`ll be disgusted when you realize what it really contains. Most of the popular pumpkin purees in cans don`t contain much real pumpkin.

The US Department of Agriculture can be blamed for that. They define canned pumpkin as:

“The canned product prepared for clean, well matured, fresh and firm shelled, sweet varieties of pumpkins or squashes by washing, cutting, steaming and reducing them to a pulp.”

This means that the pumpkin pie you`ve been making all these years for Thanksgiving is actually a squash pie.

The reasons

Manufacturers have been misleading us all this time. Technically speaking, canning squash and presenting it as pumpkin isn`t a big deal. Pumpkins, those festive orange fruits, are really a type of squash.

Squash is not that beautiful on the outside as pumpkin, but the inside is almost the same. This is why the USDA does not bother to make a distinction between these two when it comes to canned products.

So manufacturers are legally allowed to label canned squash as “100% canned pumpkin.”

Is the canned pumpkin safe to eat? Not really.

Any type of canned food is not good because it absorbs the aluminum radicals from the can. This can harm our health and cause disease like Alzheimer`s, for example.

The cans also contain BPA, compound which imitates estrogen and causes infertility, heart problems, ADHD, brain damage, and it can also increase the risk of getting cancer.

Here we must also mention the preservatives in the canned food which keep the food from getting bad, but also have very harmful effects to our body. And we already consume too much salt, without the canned food, which is increasing the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Food from can has low quality and poor nutrition value, especially if mashed together, like the pumpkin puree. This way we can`t really notice the quality of the food we eat.

Many canned pumpkin products contain GMOs as well as pesticides which were used to grow the pumpkin.

In conclusion, using fresh pumpkin is always the better and healthier option. Watch the video below to learn how to easily make your own filling for pumpkin pie from scratch.