Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What!


Nowadays, the parents use totally different products for their babies from the products our parents used for us. For instance, baby wipes are used in almost every situation. The parents use them to clean the baby’s face and hands, the baby’s toys, etc. The important question here is whether the new improved products are actually safe for the children? The commercials try to convince people that baby wipes are totally safe, but according to some studies, they are not 100% safe for the little ones and all parents should be aware of this fact.

Many experts suggest parents to avoid using baby wipes since they can cause skin rash or some other more serious skin complications.

The main reason why they are not safe is because they contain an ingredient that can irritate the skin and can also be the reason for scaly skin and rashes and it is called methylisothiazolinone.

An eight year old girl experienced rashes around her mouth and on her buttocks after using baby wipes. Moreover, one man from Belgia also had severe allergic and chemical reaction to a chemical preservative called exactly as the ingredient we mentioned above that is contained into the baby wipes. According to Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a professor at the University of Connecticut – Department of dermatology and pediatrics, the reaction in the two cases was the same. She even did the tests herself in order to check the validity of the allergy. After Dr. Chang told the mother to stop using the baby wipes, the rashes were gone in no time. This is why Dr. Chang recommends all the parent to eliminate baby wipes from their daily usage.

Unfortunately, brands like Johnson & Johnson,  Cottonelle and Huggies, contain the ingredient methylisothiazolinone. Instead of using them you should find a natural way.

Dr. Ellen Frankel, a dermatologists, shares the opinion with Dr. Chang, that baby wipes are harmful. Make sure to read all the ingredients when you buy baby wipes, and if there is methylisothiazolinone, then you should not buy it no matter what. Instead, try making your own natural products in your kitchen.