Russian Scientist Photoraphs Souls Leaving Body And Qauntifies Chakras – You Must See This!


Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a Russian scientist claims that the soul exists and there is definitely something beyond death. Therefore, he started photographing souls leaving the body and quantified chakras.

Since ancient times, people believed that the soul exists and it was part of the culture. On the other hand, some people claim that there is no such thing. Until there is no certain technology which can prove the existance or human soul. We can only look at the effects of the soul.

The existance of human soul is very similar to gravity, because even if we can’t see it, we know that it exists because we either feel or see its effects. In the nineties, Dr. Korotkov, professor at The St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Optics, and Mechanics in Russia, created a very interesting method.

He invented the device named GVC which was based on the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. This device is created in order to measure the bio-energy released by all living creatures through a non invasive, painless evaluation.

The GVC device is based on a small electrical current connected to the fingertips and takes less than a millisecond to send signals from.  Once those electric charges are pulsed through the body, the body itself responds with an electron cloud consisted of light photons.

An optical CCD camera can be used in order to photograph the glow and then it can be translated onto a computer. Every single fingertip section stands for different organs and bodily systems.

A body figure is then projected by the computer program and puts a kind of auric cloud around it, in correspondence with each chakra.

The ancient Ayurvedic Indian medicine states that every single part of our fingertips corresponds to different body parts and systems and it is also believed that there are 7 essential energy points along the center of our being. As a result of that, Dr. Korotkov used this idea and applied it to his technology.

Each chakra has its own colored balls which also stand for how much work we need to put into it, mentally, physically and emotionally. The chakras that are farther from the center need more work.

For instance, if your throat chakra is off, it could mean that you need to work on speaking up. When it comes to heart chakra, when it is off, it means that you need to practice more understanding and compassion with the people around you.

Moreover, Dr. Korotkov also used a type of Kirlian photography which he used it in order to show the precise moment when someone’s soul left their body at death. According to him, there is a blue life force that can be seen when this occurs.

Another important thing he noticed is that those people who had violent or sudden deaths, manifested in a state of confusion as their consciousness wasn’t actually aware that they had passed away.

This method has been used by more than 300 doctors from all over the world for stress monitoring and for cancer treatment as well. Moreover, they are becoming more and more aware of the fact that many diseases actually arise from emotional misbalance which manifests into a physical illness.

In conclusion, the more we understand our consciousness and the way it influences our physicality, the more we can explore it medically.

Take a look at the video below to learn more: