Oregano leaves have above forty distinct medicinal compounds, most of which are detoxifiers which give a protection to the cells from free radicals. Oregano has also been known for its antiseptic characteristics, which prevent the development of microorganisms which can harm the body.

Oregano tea may be helpful in the treatment of a sore throat, acute sinusitis or infections, and there is more. One study which appeared in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology explained that the extract from oregano can be beneficial for cancer symptoms. Researchers discovered that the cells of colon cancer stopped growing and were killed by the exposure to the oregano extract. The International Food Journal of Sciences and Nutrition also discovered that the consumption of oregano tea shows amazing detoxifying results and that it may be helpful for reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol too.

It is rich in antioxidants, antiseptics and antivirals that are able to boost your immune system and improve your health.

You can use oregano for:

– Colds and coughs
– Strep Throat
– Nasal Congestion
– Headaches
– Swollen glands
– Flu
– Ear Infections
– Sinus Infections
– Indigestion
– Heartburn
– Menstrual Pain
– Urinary Problems
– Constipation
– Parasites
– Fatigue
– Back pain

The oregano tea can be made from fresh or dried leaves, and it is very easy procedure. You only need a little oregano and some water.

Fresh leaf – Recipe

You will need:

– 2 cups of water
– 1 1/2 tbsp of fresh oregano leaves

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