Honey and Ginger Wraps Can Treat Severe Cough and Remove Mucus from the Lungs in One Night (RECIPE)


During this period of the year, colds are very common among people. They can be irritating, uncomfortable, and annoying, especially for children, so it’s good to know a method or two about treating the symptoms effectively. Throughout the day, the symptoms are not so noticeable; however, the real nightmare begins in the nighttime. Namely, just when you’re preparing to rest for the upcoming day, you cannot stop coughing and sneezing.

The prescribed therapy is usually a combination of syrups and antibiotics, however, some cough syrups come with side effects like headache, increased heartbeat, and drowsiness. Instead, you should opt for more alternative treatments. One such treatment is the one presented below. These honey and ginger wraps are easy to prepare and they provide immediate relief without any additional complications.

You will need:


Fresh ginger juice

Organic coconut oil

A napkin



A bandage


Mix the flour and honey and then add a bit of coconut oil. Add the ginger juice to the mixture and mix it with the honey. After mixing the content, put it onto the napkin and wrap it with gauze. Then, apply it onto the chest or back and attach it with a bandage.

If you’re an adult, you can go to bed with the wrap and remove it in the morning. If you’re giving the treatment to children, the wraps should be removed 3 hours before bedtime. It’s important to mention that the wraps might cause additional sweating, so make sure you use older sheets to avoid staining the new ones.

Rachel Lim from Singapore used this natural cough remedy on her child and shared her satisfaction on her Facebook profile. She said that her baby stopped coughing completely only 4 hours after she applied the wrap.