Drop ALL Dairy, Eat 10-16 Servings of Veggies and Drink at LEAST 3 Litres of Water a Day. Man Reveals How Vegan Diet Banished His Acne


Brian Turner, 23, turned to veganism after exhausting every possible solution to rid his face of the large pus-filled cysts that had haunted him since puberty. He guaranteed others could banish acne if they dropped all dairy out of their diet, drank a gallon of water a day and ate at least 10 to 16 servings of vegetables a day.

In an Instagram video posted to his 70,000 followers, Mr Turner revealed the secrets behind his crystal-clear complexion.

He said: “So I used to have super severe acne all over my face. I had nodular cysts – four, five, six of them – over my face every single day of my life. Literally never would I not have three or four cysts on my face. Eventually I was able to clear it up. And a lot of you guys having been asking me, ”How did you get clear? What did you do?”.

Mr Turner initially used Accutane, a heavy duty anti-acne drug, but his skin problem returned once he weaned off it.

He said: “I can’t lie to you. I took Accutane for over 70 weeks. After I took it I started to relapse a little bit and I could see my acne starting to come back in little dots. So what I did is I tried multiple different things but the thing I ended up sticking with was going vegan. So that means no animal-based products at all. But it also for me meant drinking way more water”.

“If you have acne… drop all dairy out of your diet, drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat at least 10 to 16 servings of vegetables a day. If you do those two things I guarantee that you will see some difference in your skin”.