Remove Darkness and Hard Skin From Knuckles and Get Soft Beautiful Hands


Unlike our faces, we often neglect our hands  even thought they get exposed to sun damage, harsh ingredients, we use them for driving and picking up heavy objects which affect their apperance.

You can make your hands beautiful and smooth using 3 simple steps:
1. Cleanse your hands

The first step includes removing all the dirt and dead cells from your palms. You can use the following method to achieve this:

Mix a spoon of salt and 10 drops of lemon juice, stir it well then exfoliate your hands with the mixture and after you’re finished wash your hands with luke warm water.

2. Moisturize your hands

The harsh chemicals we use daily affect the natural moisture and texture of our hands, so to help regain it use a heavy oil based moisturizer every night before you go to bed, let it sink in over night to soothe your dry and damaged skin.

3. Protect your skin

When you’re driving you can use cotton gloves to protect your hands from air pollution, sun damage and UV radiation.

You can protect your hands in the same manner when it comes to doing daily chores-by using rubber or plastic gloves.

Apply these 3 steps to get softer smoother hands.