She Is 60 And Her Feet Look Like Teen Girl, Learn How To Do This


Taking care of our entire body is important for our over all health. We mustn’t neglect our feet which can get dry due to lack of moisture and look very unattractive as well. Dry feet can be very uncomfortable and  can cause infection and pain.

The following is a recipe that will make your feet look as if you were a twenty-year-old. You can remove the dead skin on your feet by using stones after taking a bath but don’t rub them too much since it may lead to infection. Use coconut oil to heal skin damages.

To improve blood circulation,use  rosemary, lime blossom and olive oil to make a foot bath. Also solve feet problems such as blisters, corns feet and cracked feet with the following recipe:

Ingredients Required:

250 ml of brandy or alcohol
300 mg of andol or aspirin


Make a mixture of aspirin power made from 300grams of aspirin tablet and brandy (or 70% medical alcohol) and leave it on for a couple of days.  Before using this remedy give it a shake each time. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and rub the affected area with it, covering it with a bandage in the end. Put a plastic bag and put on socks.  After you have left it to work overnight, wash it with warm water and apply glycerin  to achieve best results.