Did you notice the small hole above the ear some people have? Here’s the incredible explanation


We all have some unusual physical traits that might be more visible, or contrary, they might hide in plain sight and people won’t even notice it. In fact, there are chances you don’t even notice you have them.

Such feature is the periauricular sinus, which might look very strange for some of us. The technical term names a tiny hole at the top of your ear, right at the border where the ear meets the temple.


It might look like a simple birthmark or a small hole from a piercing without the jewelry inside.

Well, you have to know it’s nothing of those things. The small hole in the ear actually forms during fetal development. It can also be hereditary, which means that if someone you’re related to has one, yours or your children’s chances of having one are increased.

There are a couple of myths and legends surrounding this unusual trait, but we’ll tell you the truth about it.


These holes appear to 1 from 10 percent of the population and might be more common in some areas of the globe with people that have certain ethnic backgrounds.

They might look like holes, but they don’t actually go all the way through. They can just be a dimple, a dent, or even a raised nodule, in which case it’s called a periauricular cyst.


Sometimes they can trap bacteria and get infected, but that’s really rare. Usually, they’re harmless. Surgery can fill in the hole if it causes repeated issues.

They are also more common in people with African and Asian heritage, with up to 10 percent of the population of Asia and parts of Africa having them.

However, most people think they’re kind of cute! So, if you have one, be proud and share this information with your friends that might also have it.