Get Rid Of All Your Blackheads With These Secret Ingredients, The Result Will Amaze You!


I just imagined the following scenario: You are getting ready for a big party and you notice dark follicles sticking out of your skin. Your mood instantly turns around. Blackheads are our enemies and popping them would only turn them into pimples.

How about instead you had a home remedy that got you rid of all the nasty stuff on your face?

You’ll just need two key ingredients: Gelatin and milk. Use high quality products and be sure that it isn’t flavored. Blend 1-2 tbsp of milk to 1 tbsp of gelatin. Microwave the mixture for about 15 seconds and properly wash your face. Apply the mixture to your face before it gets cold.

Let it dry for about quarter hour and once it dries, start peeling it off from any side. Pull hard and get rid off all the unflattering blackheads.