The Way You Sleep With Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Relationship


The partners who sleep one inch, or even less apart are much happier compared to those who do not. Those with a wider gap have flaws in their relationship.

Who would think that the sleeping manners will reveal the strengths of a relationship? This will help you enhance your happy living. A lot of relationship secrets can be revealed after you get to know what your sleeping position with your partner is.


According to some researches, many people have the habit of sleeping back to back with the partner, while only 4% sleep face to face. Statistics show that those 4% are the happiest relationships.

This is the overall statistics of the sleeping positions among couples.

91% of the couples sleep back to back but they touch themselves.
91% sleep in the same direction, but also touching.
76% face each other, but do not touch.
76% face the same direction, however, they don’t touch themselves.
74% of the couples sleep back to back and do not touch.