She Accidently Sent Hot Selfies To Her Student! What Happened Next Is Purely Shocking


Exchanging naughty pics and messages is a cool thing nowadays amongst the lovebirds but sometimes in the moments of excitement, some mistakes happen too which cost a great deal. The most common mistake that takes place at such a moment is sending photos or messages to the wrong person and this lady professor with well endowed body committed the same blunder.

She was sending naughty selfies to her boyfriend but unintentionally sent it to one of her students who was his boyfriend’s namesake. What happened next is just shocking as well as funny!!

The professor sent this image to her student and asked if he wanted some more:

To which he gave a positive reply “definitely” but when she said that she just couldn’t wait to meet him tonight, the student spill the beans and told the truth.

The lady professor was shocked but she handled the incident very smartly and offered the student a deal that she would give him A in her subject if he deleted the photos and didn’t reveal this to anyone in the university.

The student agreed and the lady professor fulfilled her promise!

He posted his transcript with the actual conversation.