Mother Lost 92 Pounds In 1 Year And Documented Everything On Instagram


This woman named Rachel Graham has an inspirational story to share with others. She was overweight, but managed to lose even 92 pounds. Now, she looks fantastic.

She tried many methods, but in the end she always gave up as she felt she did not progress in the whole process. Then, she came up with an idea to document her transformation through pictures. This helped her see the progress. When she started doubting and struggling, she looked back and saw how far she had come.

Throughout the days this story grew more and more popular and a lot of people started following her journey, encouraging her to keep up. She has 154,000 followers at the moment.

She had been through a lot in her life. She suffered from bulimia and anorexia in high school. Then, she became overweight once she got pregnant and her organism went nuts. She passed many days without food, fainted many times, and was hospitalized two times, having a feeding tube. Once she discovered she was expecting a child, she gave a permission to herself to eat what she wanted. Rachel believed that the weight will all off when she deliver the baby, however, it did not turn out like that. At that time, the real trouble begun.

She had 235 pounds when she gave birth to her baby. However, the scariest thing was that she was told about the problems with her blood pressure. She pushed the red button, did not have the energy to play with her baby, and that hurt her the most. Rachel, then downloaded a calorie counting app, started consuming healthy and well-balanced meals, and also started exercising 5 times per week.

She is now very happy and satisfied in what she became.

Do you feel inspired? What stops you from feeling happy again?