6-year-old son passes away. When parents return from hospital, they find a note he left for them


Here is a story about Leland Shoemake’s last message to his parents before he passed away. The 6-year-old from Williamson, Georgia, died on September 25th, after weeks of treatment for Balamuthia Mandrillaris (brain eating amoeba.) His parents returned home first time without their son and found a note they will cherish forever.

While the mother was in the boy’s room preparing for the funeral, Tim found the note in the living room area where Leland liked to draw. Tim immediately began to bawl as he read the note. He then ran towards his wife to show her what he had discovered.

The note reads: “Still with you. Thank you mom and dad. Love mom and dad.”

“To say I lost it was an understatement,” Amber said. “We cried together for the longest time.”

The child frequently wrote them notes and pictures, but this one was different– it was their most cherished one. The family plans to frame it and hang it in their living room.

The mother says in the Facebook post that Leland was a smart and curious boy.

“He knew his abc’s, numbers, colors, shapes and 20 sight words by the time he was a year old. He was our little nerd and we loved that about him. He loved school and loved to learn. He loved the history channel, the weather channel, documentaries and anything about history,” she writes. “He had a hunger for learning.”

Not only was Leland a smart and curious boy, he was sociable. Leland conversed with everyone he came into contact with and his friendly personality even got his parents some new friends.

The note left behind by the child was beautiful– something everyone should see. Words can’t describe what it means to a parent to find something like this. You’ll be remembered forever sweet child.