Mash A Banana And Add These 2 Ingredients! You Will Never Cough Again This Winter


Coughs are caused by viruses and bacteria aging, smoking or air pollution. They are also a part of our body’s mechanism.

Coughs usually are telling you that there’s something wrong with your body. They are trying to clear up the central part of your respiratory system. They are caused by bronchitis, cold or flu. Instead treating them with traditional medicine try home remedies which are cheaper and more efficient.


– 2 ripe bananas
– 2 tablespoons of organic honey
– 400 ml. of water


Add boiled water to mashed bananas and leave them to cool for 30minutes. Then add the honey.

Take this remedy 4 times daily 100ml. it will get rid of the cough, provide nutrients, help you sleep better and stimulate serotonin production. The honey will provide the same effect.